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Just What I Needed!!

"I installed this unit in my 12x24 shed that I converted into my office with insulation and drywall.. I've been using a few fans, a portable A/C unit and a swamp cooler, trying to keep my office cool. The best I could do was 84 degrees when the temp outside was 110 degrees. Installing this unit was the best decision I made. My office is now plenty cool (I had it steady at 68 degrees this last Saturday while temps outside were 105 degrees). Installation was straight forward and relatively easy. I have a friend who does AC work and he bent, cut and flared the line set, and pulled the vacuum for me with me as his grunt. Took us less than 5 hrs to do the install and now I'm sitting pretty."

Ross M - PioneerMiniSplit Store

Great product and very easy install!

"Bought this last week and it came in about 3 days later. I was short the leak sealer so I called and it was shipped right out. It took me three days to completely install the system because I had never done anything like this. I spent about 300.00 in tools and supplies. I turned it on and who would have thunk it? It worked!!!!! Still jumping up and down thinking of the thousands I have saved. I am going to order a three ton system next week for our Church. Sure hope I can have the same luck with it."

Curts Hand - Highseer Store

Great unit for heating

"I choose this floor unit since we spend the majority of the year in heating mode. This floor unit pulls in cold air from the floor and is much more efficient than a high wall unit pulling warm air off the ceiling. Bottom line: it just works and its quiet. Thanks"

Steve - Highseer Store

Great product!!! arrived on time ,intact, with all the paper work!!!!

"the unit was installed in 1/2 a day, by 1 man!! this is more than likely THE BEST AC SYSTEM I have ever owned!!!
the fit , the finish, the output ALL 5 STARS!!! Totally happy with the unit , the buy, and the use of it!! j1mb0b"

j1mb0b - Highseer Store

low cost operation

"This is my second pioneer A/C unit , first was a 18000 btu 220v 16 seer 25' X 15 'room . I gauge the power by cooling a room in 15 minutes from say 90 degrees . Both do that , with the inverter technology they always start slowly change speed for the demand " saving power ". Cooling the hot ceiling air and blowing down cool are .Not cooling ductwork from a central unit on the far side of the house.

This was a bit more cost with 22.5 seer rating which is just more tubing and cooling area / fins for better heat transfer 12' X 15' bedroom. If you only run the A/C a few months a year a 16 seer is fine . The temp display can be turned off for sleeping or left on as a nightlight .

For diy installers find a car mech. that does A/C or apartment handyman to help with the job . if you keep the standard line set length and 120 volt power for the small unit . It's a super easy install . 2" hole on the wall for the sleeve ( lines and power ), mount the plate bracket to hang the inside unit . The outside unit can sit on block pavers . I found these pioneer units the best bang for the buck . Most of these ductless units look like they are from the factory . I still never buy the cheapest available ,when it's just a little more for the best rating . As we get older , comfort becomes more important.

I rarely use the heating ,but seems to work great at 40 - 60 degrees outside temps ."

heli-baysea - Ebay Store

12,000 AC Ductless

"I installed a 12,000 BTU ductless mini split unit in my house of a thousand square feet and it keeps the entire house cool and my electric bill has not gone up at all.It is very quite. I would buy another one. Also customer service was very helpful when I installed it."

Steve Schmidt - PioneerMiniSplit Store

I like this one best

"I've installed about 5 mini split A/C units. Mostly in tiny homes but also in my house. I like this one best simply because the remote has titles for the modes in ENGLISH. It's hard to tell the difference between heating and cooling on most of the multi language remotes."

yachty_45 - Ebay Store

All good

"I wanted a unit that didn't draw tons of watts like my whole house central air conditioning systems does and that I can personally install without having to rig up a 220V wiring ...this one uses 115V. This system fit the bill. I took my time installing it and definitely recommend ordering the 16 ft lines not the 10 ft. Also having the lines exit off the right side of the unit was a plus so that access to the connections can be at the exterior of the house rather than behind the unit. For a non wall mount you will need to use a spacer to lift the unit approx 3/4 inch to allow for the bottom drain line clearance. Also the optional line covers worked well. After using it for a week it is quiet and has good output. I hired a pro that gouged me 650 bucks to vacuum lines to the appropriate levels and shorten lines to fit....I should have asked for a estimate first so that I wouldn't have been taken advantage of....my bad. All good for cooling and heating the room and would recommend this unit for those that don't have a very large area to cool, want 115V for advanced DIY'ers.....not a beginner DIY'er."

Brian - PioneerMiniSplit Store

Good value

"I have not yet used the mini split heat pump under very hot or cold conditions, but so far it works perfectly. Looks good and runs quietly. Would like to have a air filter on the intake, but otherwise I am very satisfied. Cost significantly less than other 1 ton units, seems to be reasonably well made and does the job."

sawdustokie - Ebay Store

Pioneer Inverter ++

"Just had installed yesterday, 07/18/17 in my shop, and WOW...... it works great! Best to have professional install and run checks to activate warranty. Also, it is so quite inside and outside you can barely hear it. If reliability is good will be adding some of these to our home to supplement/replace our central HVAC system."

autofillautomatic - Ebay Store

Update after 4 months: big savings on utilities, working great!

"Update to my first review.

I now have three full months of utility bills to review since installing this unit. Highest temp so far mid-80s (it's just barely spring in NC) and lowest temp is 7 degrees. We've had a very warm month and a very (VERY!) cold one. System has performed beautifully and cut my overall utility bills by almost 1/2! I'm on-track for this system paying for itself in just 13 months.

Full output down to 5 degrees F is a bold claim, and most heat pumps shut down the compressor at around 37 degrees. I was able to test this winter when we saw an outdoor low of 7 two nights in a row with a high of only 15-18. That's *unusually* cold for my area, but even with it bone-chilling cold outside, the system was giving me 75 degree air at my floor registers. Not blazing hot, but enough to keep us cozy.

The onboard software seems to be very intelligent about defrost cycles, only running them when necessary. I suspect there is a humidity gauge built into the outdoor unit. Defrost cycles are interesting -- The system simply reverses into "cool" mode for a few minutes, extracting a small bit of heat from inside the house to dump to the coils outside, melting any accumulated ice! Once cleared it reverses back to heat mode and continues."

J_Turner - Highseer Store

Great Tech. Support

"Great product. fast delivery easy installation. Well versed phone-in technical help desk. Stayed late to answer call."

P. Wang - Highseer Store