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Preferred Installer Program

Parker Davis HVAC International, Inc. has built a database of Independent HVAC Contractors and Technicians, located nationwide, to assist our clients with their installation, startup, diagnostics or service needs for the equipment they directly purchase from our sales channels. These companies or persons are not affiliated with us and our buyers select and work with one directly.

Who are in the list of the Preferred Installers?

Preferred Installers are independent HVAC contractors that:

  1. Have been known to us through buyer recommendation, or
  2. Have chosen to participate in our program, or
  3. Are dealers of the equipment we sell

These Installers are not directly affiliated with our company, and we do not guarantee their work or set their rates.

Who benefits from this service?

We offer this as a Free Matchmaking Service to our customers and the installers that choose to be included. We do not benefit financially in any way, from neither party. All financial transactions between the Buyers and the Installers are handled between them directly.

How to verify the qualifications of an Installer?

This is the responsibility of the buyer to interview and make an independent decision to hire an Installer to perform work on their equipment. Most installers in our list have previously installed our equipment and are familiar with them. However their prices and skill levels can vary, sometimes significantly. Please check other local HVAC contractors as well before making a final decision.

Contacting and appointment setting

You can establish an e-mail or phone contact with your selected installer right after your purchase from us to save time, while waiting for the arrival of your equipment.

If you cannot find any Preferred Installer in our database for your area

We are constantly updating our database with new entries. Please Google “HVAC Contractors” in Google Maps for a list of companies nearby. You can also email us for most recent additions. If you have a favorite Installer, please recommend them to us.

Complements and complaints about a Preferred Installer

Please do not hesitate to let us know about your experience. Please use the “Contact Us” form and we will do all we can to promote the good and remove the bad from our list for the benefit of our customers.

Want to recommend an Installer?

We love to hear from our customers regarding their favorite installers, so that we can add them to our database and help other fellow customers. Please contact us to send us that info.

Become a Preferred Installer. It's EASY and FREE! Register Now
How it works:
  1. You shop at our online stores at special wholesale prices and the products will be shipped to you promptly.
  2. If you need help with installation/starting up/diagnostics/servicing, enter your Order number and search our database for a Preferred Installer near you.
  3. Contact your favorite Preferred Installer directly, negotiate the costs and verify their qualifications, before hiring or scheduling an appointment.