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With a track record of over 25 years, Parker Davis HVAC has been successfully making the world a more comfortable place to live, thanks to the powerful technology inside its Pioneer brand equipment. We’re here to help you turn the place you live into your dream home. Experience true comfort. Experience Pioneer.

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Mini Split and Multi Split Systems

These ducted and ductless systems allow independent climate control for the specific zone they are installed in, for both primary or supplementary usage. Single rooms, additions, conversions, as well as existing problem areas, are the best candidates to be fitted with one of our mini split systems.

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Our evergrowing catalog of heating, air conditioning, and cooling equipment is available worldwide. Get in touch with us and together we'll determine the ideal solution for your needs. We are pleased to offer arrangement of delivery through our worldwide distribution collective to our customers, wherever they may be located.

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Why Use a Ductless Mini Split?

When you buy a mini split, you get instant savings & boosted performance

Simple to Install

Our mini splits are ductless, making them very easy to install, with only a three inch hole through the wall being required.

Enhanced Safety

Since the only change to your home is a tiny hole in the wall, you can rest assured that a ductless system is much safer to install and operate than a traditional AC.

Energy Efficient

Traditional air conditioners consume 40% more energy than needed on average. With a mini split, energy loss stays between 1% and 5%.

Environmentally Friendly

Our systems run on refrigerant R-410A, which doesn’t contribute to ozone layer depletion, and is much more eco-friendly than the older R22 refrigerant.

Whisper Quiet

Since the compressor is located inside the outside unit, it is next-to-impossible to hear any noise from its operation indoors.

Individual Zoning

With a ductless mini split, you no longer need to pay to cool or heat those rooms that no one really uses bringing savings and peace of mind.

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