Wall Mounted Ductless Mini Split

With digital frequency control and a variable capacity, these ductless wall mount mini split systems, which are available with different efficiency ratings and in a variety of capacities, require only simple installation and provide great single zone comfort. Cooling, heating, dehumidification, and ventilation requests are conveyed to the system using a convenient remote controller, and the zone is kept at the optimal comfort level using automatic air sweeping louvers and automatically varying air flow and capacity adjustments, resulting in minimal electrical consumption.

Sleep Mode

This function enables the air conditioner to automatically increase cooling or decrease heating 1°C per hour for the first two hours, before holding steady for the following 5 hours, switching off afterwards. This function both optimizes energy savings and maintains comfort at night.

Temperature Compensation

A temperature compensation function that eliminates the difference in temperature between the floor and ceiling by mixing the different layers of air in between. Consequently, the time spent cooling the room is reduced, and a cold offset raises streams of warm air through stirring.

Refrigerant Leakage Detection

When a refrigerant leakage is detected, the indoor unit will show error code "EC" and stop automatically. This protects the compressor from high temperatures and damage due to refrigerant leakage.

Anti-cold Air Function

The indoor fan speed is regulated automatically from the lowest grade to the set grade according to the evaporator's temperature after the unit has just started a heating operation. This function can prevent cold air from blowing out, to avoid causing discomfort to users.

Low Ambient Cooling

With a built-in low ambient temperature kit and specially designed PCB, outdoor fan speeds can be changed automatically according to condensation temperature. The air conditioner can run a cooling operation even when the outdoor ambient temperature is down to -15°C.

1W Standby

Intelligent on-off technology enables Pioneer® products to automatically enter energy-saving mode on standby, cutting energy consumption from the normal 5W to 1W or 0.5W per hour, accounting for 80%~90% of energy savings.

Series WYS (Inverter+, Inverter++)

Model NumberCapacity (BTU)Efficiency (SEER)Power Supply (V)Suitable Area (SQF)AHRI

Series WYT (Diamante)

Model NumberCapacity (BTU)Efficiency (SEER)Power Supply (V)Suitable Area (SQF)AHRI

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Inverter+ and Inverter++?

While both models are highly efficient, less electrical power is consumed by Inverter++ in achieving the same capacity and output as the Inverter+ models, saving money as well.

Can the unit be operated without the remote control?

In emergencies, yes. There is an emergency start button underneath the panel, which can be used until a broken remote control is fixed (turns the unit On or Off in Cool or Heat Modes, to a default temp of 76°F).

Are these units rated Energy Saver?

They are all energy savers. If you are looking for Energy Star rated products, most Inverter++ units are rated Energy Star.

What is the approximate time needed and cost spent to have the system installed? 

The cost is variable. Expect to have 4-5 hours spent on the entire installation process for most common installations. Typical installation professionals charge an average of $75 per hour, and upwards.

How long is the warranty? Under what conditions am I covered under the warranty?

For owners who have registered their warranties, 5 years. Otherwise, it is for 1 year.

All product warranty coverage requires a system installation that was performed correctly, following the installation manual instructions included with your purchase. Additionally, users that register their warranty card within 90 days of receiving their item get their warranties extended to 2 years for parts and the compressor. Unregistered users receive only 1 year part coverage.

Does this unit come already charged with refrigerant?

Yes, and the amount that is pre-charged is sufficient for the default (5 meter/16  foot) included piping kit.