Ductless A/C Systems

Browse our selection of high efficiency, whisper-quiet, and easy-to-install ductless air conditioners. Take advantage of the excellent SEER rating of our systems, made possible by cutting-edge inverter technology. And, without the need for ductwork, you can rest assured that your home is being provided with peak performance at an affordable price.


One of the most popular configurations, our wall-mountable indoor units come in two families of energy efficiency: 17 and 22 SEER. This ductless unit uses a sleek, low-profile, attractive front panel with a dimmable LED display and optimized air swing flow. The built-in bracket behind the unit makes installation a breeze.

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Ceiling Cassette

For a more robust option, consider our ceiling-mounted cassette system. With a power output ranging from 9000 to 48,000 BTU per hour and 360° of air flow, this unit is more than capable of meeting practically any residential home air comfort requirement, all while remaining silent and unintrusive.

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Floor/Ceiling/Low Wall Mount

We understand the importance of versatility, so that's why we've provided a unit that is capable of being mounted to the floor, low wall, or even the ceiling. This elegant system can blend in to any environment and is beyond effective.

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