Floor - Ceiling - Low Wall Ductless Mini Split

These Flex Mount systems come with ductless indoor units that can be mounted in various positions based on requirements. Indoor units of smaller capacity systems can be mounted as floor console or low wall attached positions, while larger capacity versions come with indoor units that can be mounted in ceiling suspended positions as well. Systems are equipped with digital frequency control for automatic capacity adjustments, convenient remote controllers, automatic air sweeping louvers, cooling, heating, dehumidification, ventilation modes, and with fresh air intake options.

Optional Enhancement Filters

A variety of optional enhancement filters are available for the requirements of different users, to add extra comfort and provide healthier air in living spaces.

Dual Air Outlet Option

User-selectable, up discharge only, or dual discharge air outlet vents, for meeting different user demands and their ideal air distribution.

Easy Maintenance

Most internal components, as well as the design of the indoor units across all capacity versions, share overwhelmingly similar types of components, as well as design characteristics for easy maintenance and component supply.

Turbo Mode

For powerful and rapid performance in both heating and cooling modes, as well as reaching the desired temperature levels in a very short period of time.

Fresh Air Intake Provision

Fresh air connection knock-out on the body allows the connection of a small round duct to bring in fresh air from the outside, for certain applications requiring a fresh air supply.

3-D Air Flow

Air discharge louvers are motorized with both horizontal and vertical movement for automatic sweeping action, for truly complete air circulation and high distance coverage in living spaces.


Model NumberCapacity (BTU)Efficiency (SEER)Power Supply (V)Suitable Area (SQF)AHRI

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